3 Inspiring Podcasts to Boost Your Creativity


These days we spend more time on our phone then we do on just about anything else. While this is seen through a negative lens most of the time we can actually use it to our advantage by seeing as a tool to boost our inspiration and creativity! One of my favorite “tools” is the podcast app.

I have recently (over the past year) been obsessed with learning about new things. Everything from quantum mechanics, Myers-Briggs, functional medicine, and spiral dynamics can be found as topics in my podcast library. You can honestly listen to just about anything these days! I personally like to stick to podcasts that challenge me to see the world differently. It is such an easy and simple way to learn a new skill, hear fascinating stories, and, in my case, get a little inspiration to carry with you throughout the rest of your day!

My favorite podcasts for inspiration:

#1: The Lively Show by Jess Lively

This is the first podcast I listened to that got me started. It is a fun and inspiring podcast with the mission “to add a little extra intention to your every day!”. The host, Jess Lively, has traveled around the globe on a Lively Adventure, which she documents on her podcasts, and now she helps others “experience more joy, peace, presence, and fulfillment through flow & Values-based Intentions.” I always enjoy Jess’ confidence as she navigates her journey of unknowns. She has been one of the people I look up to for inspiration and advice when facing the various challenges of life.

Her podcast is perfect for anyone wanting some guidance on how to truly access the power and wisdom within you. Some of my most creative endeavors have come from taking her courses and implementing her advice in my life.

Where to start?  Curiosity, Epic Self-Compassion, & Creativity with Elizabeth Gilbert | How to Connect to Your Inner Voice | Overcoming Creative Blocks with Kristy Maffit

#2: The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

If you haven’t hear of Jenna Kutcher and her goal digging podcast then you are truly missing out! Jenna is, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to creativity and how-to’s. On her podcast you can listen to anything from how to create and cultivate your best idea to finding balance in your everyday life. She is such an inspiration and give valuable business advice for free in a market that is over saturated by insider info you have to pay top dollar for. I’ve learned so much about SEO, the Instagram algorithm, and incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life!

This podcast is perfect for the girl boss or the inspiring creative entrepreneur! Everything I’ve learned about marketing and branding has come from them!

Where to start? How to Build a Personable BrandHow I Doubled My Instagram Growth in On Month | How to Ditch Self-Doubt and Live Your Best Life

#3: Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson

This podcast is new to game but wouldn’t be able to tell! Jaclyn Johnson interviews some of the hardest working women in business. It covers all different areas where Jaclyn and guests breakdown the business of being a modern working woman tackling the topics of starting your own business and taking your creativity seriously.

Work Party is perfect for anyone looking to boost their creativity by listing to inspiring stories of how other women made it in their industry!

Where to start? Start by Starting with Bobbi Brown | Taking Your Creativity Seriously with Rachel Zoe | Paying it Forward with Kristen Bell

Check them out & let me know what you think!

Much love, xx