3 Easy Ways to Be a Conscious Traveler


What is conscious travel? Simply put it is being aware of your impact and how you are being responsible about it. This is a hot topic among us travelers who try to keep the environment in mind when making a trip.

These tips are simple and easy that you can incorporate them anywhere you go, anytime!

Support Local Shops and Businesses- This can be a lot easier when traveling in places like Europe, but may seem a little more challenging in the US. The best thing to do is ask the locals people places they recommend. Most likely they will tell you their local favorites and even give you better tips than you can find online. If you are of the shy type, you can always search for popular places online. I personally love doing this because its fun getting to meet the owners and making unique connections you wouldn’t of otherwise make!

Educate Yourself- One of the best things you can do anytime you travel, especially to a foreign country, is to educate yourself about the local customs and culture. Things we do in our culture may not be seen the same in others. So it is best to always do your research as to show respect for the culture and people you are visiting. I know when I first traveled to Europe I spent hours watching videos about table edict, which in retrospect really doesn't get noticed as much as other things. None the less, make sure you know enough not to offend the locals. After all, they can be the best guides to a unique experience!

Use Public Transport or Walk- This may seem obvious but is most of the time overlooked. Use the metro, bus, or train to get around your destination. Better yet, rent a bicycle or scooter and see the sights from a different perspective! Not only does this help cut down on vehicle emissions, but it is also usually more affordable than taking a cab or renting a car and in busy towns, it can be faster too!

Let’s do our part to help the support local economies and the environment! Have more tips I should share? Leave them in the comments below!